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Este Blog se iniciará com heroinas Japonesas que são Sentais e depois as Rangers. ;)

Peggy Matsuyama (ペギー松山, Pegī Matsuyama)/Momo Ranger (モモレンジャー, Momorenjā, Pink Ranger)

Peggy is a Eurasian beauty (her father was a Swiss national and her mother was Japanese). She was assigned to EAGLE's Hokkaidō branch as a chemical analyst and special weapons engineer specializing in explosives. She also had equestrian training. Fashionable, she often wore go-go boots and short hip-hugging "hot pants". As Momo Ranger, she was armed with an assortment of uniquely "feminine" weapons. Her heart-shaped earrings doubled as high impact bombs which she would hurl with a curt taunt -- "Are you ready?... Here we go!" (いいわね・・・行くわよ!, Ii wa ne... Iku wa yo!). She also carried heart-shaped "Momo Card" throwing shurikens, and a "Momo Mirror" jamming device which would confuse and confound her opponents. She also had the "Momo Ceceli" which could be used to track down and spy on opponents. And ultimately, she carried the "Ranger Ball", the Gorangers' ultimate finisher weapon that would destroy the Masked Monster of the day, which the team members would pass around to each other like a soccer ball before Aka Ranger would deliver the finishing kick to the Masked Monster causing it to explode. She rides in the "Green Machine/Green Star" sidecar.

    * Age: 18 years old
    * Weapons: Earring Bombs (ピアス爆弾, Piasu Bakudan), Pink Mirror (モモミラー, Momo Mirā), & Pink Card (モモカード, Momo Kādo)
Karen /Heart Queen  Karen Mizuki (カレン水木, Karen Mizuki)/Heart Queen (ハートクイン, Hāto Kuin)

A half Japanese/half Caucasian former Japanese Policewoman. She was assigned to investigating illegal drug/narcotics trafficking routes into Japan. During her investigations, Karen uncovered that Crime controlled a majority of these routes and was going to assist ISSIS in destroying these routes. Crime attempted to kill Karen by arranging a fatal car accident. Miraculously, Karen survived the accident but lost her right arm. Her father, a fellow police officer, was also killed in the crash. Enraged and seeking revenge, Karen willingly accepted Joker’s offer to undergo his bionic process and join JAKQ. Fell in love with Gorou towards the end of the series. Her bionic enhancements allowed her to control magnetism. Her magnetic based powers, which she dubbed her “Heart Cute Jiki Power” (Heart Cute Magnet Power) allowed her to attract and repel metallic objects at will. She often used her powers to literally stop bullets in mid-air. Her powers can be further augmented by using her Q-shaped ”Heart Cute” weapon. Using the Heart Cute, Karen is able to send out waves of magnetic/kinetic energy that can bowl over opponents or force them into erratic behaviors (which she gleefully enjoys and asks afterwards "Do you want another?" (もう一つ、いかがですか, "Mō hitotsu, ikaga desu ka?"). The Heart Cute can also be used as a blunt impact weapon which she uses to strike opponents. From her right index finger she is able to pull out her “Magnetic Counter” which can send out a magnetic detection pulse which she can then use to pinpoint and identify objects (both metal and organic) in a way similar to radar. Karen is a skilled martial artist and is proficient in a number of fighting methods. For a time she was part of the Kono Karate School where she befriended Kono Natsuko (Shihomi Etsuko) who was also a skilled martial artist. Karen has a flair for fashion and often sported tight red leather ‘hot pants’ and red long boots.
* Age: 18 years old
Diane/MissAmérica I
Diane Martin

throwing knives
She is a FBI agent who joined the Battle fever J to avenge her father Bosner, who died in a car accident caused by the Egos. She wielded throwing knives and did a disco dance. After she was wounded by the Dracula Monster, she returned to the United States in Episode 24. Diane has a sister named Catherine.

Maria/MissAmérica II
Maria Nagisa

 throwing knives

Maria is FBI agent who was trained by Diane Martin's father. When Diane is missing in action, Maria took her place as Miss America in Episode 24 and then stays on permanently when Diane decides to return to the United States   .

Momoi /Denzipink
Akira Momoi (桃井あきら, Momoi Akira) / Denzi Pink (デンジピンク, Denjipinku) 
A former tennis player who teaches swimming at the Athletic Club.
* Special move: Denzi Thunder (デンジサンダー, Denji Sandā)
Miki Momozomo / Goggle Pink
 the only female member of the team. Gymnast who works in the stadium parking filmcity. His stone is the diamond, which represents the Inca civilization extinguished. Their weapons are the Pink Ribbon, Pink Diamond Sword, Pink Mirror Goggle Robe (with Red), Goggle Clubs (with Black), Ring Goggle (with Blue), Goggle Ball (with Yellow), Sabre Goggle, Goggle Victory (All the Goggle Five) and Golden Spear Goggle (union Neometal swords and spear training and finished by Red). Other attacks Pink Ribbon Bind, Sky Goggle, Goggle Chute, Hypnosis and Goggle Pink Bomber (used with Goggle Five bomb folk).

Rei Tachibana (立花 レイ, Tachibana Rei)/Dyna Pink (ダイナピンク, Dainapinku)

She dreams of inventing a machine in order to understand and communicate with animals. A skilled fencer, Rei dislikes fighting, but fights for the sake of protecting everyone's dream and the safety of the world.
* Age: 18 years old
* Weapons: Rose Saber (ローズサーベル, Rōzu Sāberu), Flower Shield (フラワーシールド, Furawā Shīrudo)
* Attacks: Rose Finale (バラフィナーレ, Bara Fināre)
* Dyna Rod Attack: Pink Shocking Melody (ピンクショッキングメロディー, Pinku Shokkingu Merodī)

Mika/Yellow Four I
Mika Koizumi (小泉ミカ, Koizumi Mika, 1-9)/Yellow Four I (1初代イエローフォー, Shodai Ierō Fō, 1-10)

A photographer who dreams of following in her brother's footseps to photograph the wildlife in Africa. Initially, she is hesitant to join the Bioman team. However, she is convinced when she realizes that if she does not fight, then the animals in Africa that she loves will eventually be in danger. She was killed by repeated Anti-Bio Particle blasts from the Bio Killer Gun which Peebo later recalls during Silver's first appearance. Her weapon was the Thunder Sword (サンダーソード, Sandā Sōdo). Her special attacks were Super Electronic Holography (超電子ホログラフィ, Chōdenshi Horogurafi) and Yellow Flash.
 Jun/YellowFour II
Jun Yabuki (矢吹ジュン, Yabuki Jun)/Yellow Four II (2代目イエローフォー, Nidaime Ierō Fō, 11-51)

An Olympic archer. 19 years old. After watching the Bioman in action, she tries to join them but is initially refused, even though Mika Koizumi had just died; the others were looking for another descendant of the original five who were bombarded with the Bio Particles. However, she proves her courage, and it was discovered that she also has Bio Particles. Her weapons are Bio Arrow (バイオアロー, Baio Arō) and Thunder Sword (サンダーソード, Sandā Sōdo). Her special attack is Super Electronic Holography (超電子ホログラフィ, Chōdenshi Horogurafi).
Hikaru Katsuragi (桂木ひかる, Katsuragi Hikaru)/Pink Five (ピンクファイブ, Pinku Faibu)

A 20-year-old carnival flutist. Sweet yet strong, and a mistress of disguise. An unusually strong spirit yet with a strong motherly instinct. She plays the flute both to calm her spirits and to strengthen her resolve. She is able to befriend the evil computer Brain and teach him about friendship, which pays off when Brain sacrifices himself to save the Bioman as well as the world from destruction. She wields the Super Electronic Beamlight (超電子ビームライト, Chōdenshi Bīmuraito), Pink Barrier (ピンクバリヤー, Pinku Bariyā), and Laser Sword (レーザーソード, Rēzā Sōdo). Her special attacks are Pink Flash (ピンクフラッシュ, Pinku Furasshu) and Spin Chop (スピンチョップ, Supin Choppu)

Sayaka Nagisa (Japanese: 渚 さやか, Sayaka Nagisa) / Change Mermaid (Japanese: チェンジマーメイド, Chenje Māmeido?) - Attack of the operation, is the staff scientist. She is the "middle ground"of the team, having a balanced way and maternal sense of duty. Until today, is regarded as the "muse" of the team, tight and short. Its attacks Attack the Mermaid, Mermaid Big Wave and Super Looping (with May).
Mai Tsubasa (Japanese: 翼 麻衣, Tsubasa Mai) / Phoenix Change (Japanese: チェンジフェニックス, Chenje Fenikkusu?) - the hothead of the team. Biker invoked, hates to take shit from anybody, even when it is called a kitten, and is also affectionately called master of disguise. His attacks are the Phoenix Attack, Flaming Phoenix (Phoenix Fire) and Super Looping (with Sayaka).

Sara (サラ, Sara) / Yellow Flash (イエローフラッシュ, Ierō Furasshu)

She developed a sharp mind on cold planet Yellow Star, often seen as cold and serious herself by most people. However, she is actually a caring person. She is able to analyze the attacks and strategies of the villains.

    * Age: 20 years old
    * Weapons: Prism Batons (プリズムバトン, Purizumu Baton), Yellow Vul (イエローバル, Ierō Baru)
    * Attacks: Super Blizzard (スーパーブリザード, Sūpā Burizādo), Mach Blizzard (マッハブリザード, Mahha Burizādo), Snow Freeze (スノーフリーズ, Sunō Furīzu), Baton Spark (バトンスパーク, Baton Supāku), Super Version (スーパーバージョン, Sūpā Bājon), Shocking Beads (ショッキングビーズ, Shokkingu Bīzu) (without transformation)

Lou (ルー, Rū) / Pink Flash (ピンクフラッシュ, Pinku Furasshu)

She developed incredible jumping abilities on high gravity planet Pink Star. She possesses immense physical strength, which causes her to easily exhaust herself. She once mothered a Beast Warrior.

    * Age: 20 years old
    * Weapons: Prism Boots (プリズムブーツ, Purizumu Būtsu), Pink Vul (ピンクバル, Pinku Baru)
    * Attacks: Jet Kick (ジェットキック, Jetto Kikku), Bomber Kick (ボンバーキック, Bonbā Kikku), Super Tap (スーパータップ, Sūpā Tappu), Zero-Gravity Beam (無重力ビーム, Mujūryoku Bīmu), Shocking Hearts (ショッキングハート, Shokkingu Hāto) (without transformation)

 Sayaka (Haruka in the original) / Yellow Mask: is 19 years old and was raised in a family of Ninja 忍者 therefore Ninjutsu fight. How has the special weapon Rotor Mask and your vehicle is Jet Mask. His gesture is the engine Tou (all ten fingers except the ring and minima, together in a single handle), embodying the harmony with the universe.
Momoko (モモコ, Momoko)/Pink Mask (ピンクマスク, Pinku Masuku)

She is an expert in Tai Chi Chuan. A young woman with a pure heart, she often teaches youths Tai Chi. Strong and dedicated, she once, by chance, met Ial and Igam's mother, who gave her the saintly flower known as Carollove which Momoko treasures. In one infamous episode, she involuntarily powered down from weakness after the team used the Shot Bomber to destroy a monster.

    * Age: 19 years old
    * Weapons: Masky Ribbon (マスキーリボン, Masukī Ribon)
    * Meditation Gesture: Sha (All fingers together in a fist except index fingers)

Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin
A top class student at Academia. She was taught archery by her dad. She often criticizes Yusuke's strategies. A caring figure, feeling even for her enemies.

Haruna Morikawa (森川はるな, Morikawa Haruna)/Pink Turbo (ピンクターボ, Pinku Tābo)

A student body president and brightest student in the school. She is popular, everyone looks up to her. Gifted with acting skills, she was able to fool both Violent Demons and the other Turboranger to get the medicine to save Yohei's life.

    * Weapons: W Stick (Wステッキ, Daburyū Sutekki)

Kazumi Hoshikawa (星川 数美, Hoshikawa Kazumi)/Five Pink (ファイブピンク, Faibupinku)

The third born. A Math teacher skilled in fencing. Calm and intelligent, she can analyze and calculate with her "computer like" brain. She was 3 years old at the time of the attack on Sidon and remembers nothing but fear which she had to overcome to do battle with Zone as an adult. Protective and caring, she is a maternal figure to her younger siblings.

    * Age: 23 years old
    * Attacks/Weapons: Cutie Circle (キューティーサークル, Kyūtī Sākuru), Circle Putter (サークルピュータ, Sākurupyūta), Circle Finish (サークルフィニッシュ, Sākuru Finisshu)

Remi Hoshikawa (星川 レミ, Hoshikawa Remi)/Five Yellow (ファイブイエロー, Faibuierō)
 She is an expert in Kung Fu. As a teacher, she teaches music. Was chosen to be the Five Yellow with asthma as the main Melody Tact, Yellow Flute.

She has excellent rhythm and musical sense, she is a rhythmic gymnast and Also dancer, Which she applies to her fighting. She Teaches kids kung fu in her spare time. In episode four, she got drunk When Water was turned into alcohol.

     * Age: 20 years old
     * Attacks / Weapons: Melody Tact (メロディー タクト, Takuto Merode) Yellow Flute (イエロー フルート, Iero Furuta), Tact Attack (タクト アタック, Takuto Atakku)

Kaori Rokumeikan (鹿鳴館 香, Rokumeikan Kaori)/White Swan (ホワイトスワン, Howaito Suwan)

She is the only heiress of the Rokumeikan Enterprises empire. She is taken care of by her butler, Jiiya, since her parents live in New York. She joined the Jetman to escape the boredom of her heiress life. She is good at Kendo and best shot in Jetman, Kaori learned in battle and in the middle of a love triangle with Ryuu and Gai what a spoiled rich girl she was and what the really important things were. Raita also had feelings for her. She does sometimes use her wealth to help the team like when she used a lot of diamonds to try and snap Ako from the curse of the monster Red Diamond. At the end of the series she marries Ryuu with whom she overcame difficult times with.

    * Age: 22 years old
    * Attacks: Swan Wing (スワンウィング, Suwan Wingu), Swannie Attack (スワニーアタック, Suwanī Atakku), Double Kick (ダブルキック, Daburu Kikku) (with Yellow Owl)

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow
Ako Hayasaka (早坂 アコ, Hayasaka Ako) / Blue Swallow (ブルースワロー, Buru suwari)

A senior at Miharakita High School. The bright and cheery girl who wants to marry a rich man. She Choukan Odagiri called "Granny. " She first thought of the Jetman a part time job paying 1500 yen (Roughly $ 12.89) an hour, But her first battle awakened her sense of justice and made ​​her realize That she must fight as a warrior (for free, No Questions Asked). She is best friends with her ​​classmate, Kyouko. She debuts an idol singer to three years after the fall of Vyram.

     * Age: 18 years old
     * Ako is known to Anne in France
     * Attacks: Swallow Dash (スワローダーッシュ, suwari Dāsshu)

Mei, Princess of the Risha Tribe (リシヤ族プリンセス·メイ, Rishiya Zoku Purinsesu Mei) / PteraRanger (プテラレンジャー, PuteraRenjā): The Warrior of Love (愛の戦士, Ai no Senshi)

She was the only female member of the team. 17 years old. Although being young, she has a very strong sense of responsibility. Lover of nature and children. Liked fashion and changed her hairstyle very often. Her Guardian Beast is Pteranodon.
* Legendary Weapon: Ptera Arrow (プテラアロー, Putera Arō), a bow that can not only shoot arrows but can also be utilized as a double-sided sword
* Attacks: Turn Off Attack, Rolling Arrows.
Lin of the Heavenly Wind Star ("天風星"リン, "Tenpūsei" Rin) / HououRanger (ホウオウレンジャー, Hōō Renjā, PhoenixRanger)

Master Kaku's niece. Came to Japan to be a Dairanger (her cover is that she came as an exchange student from China). Only member capable of qi control when not transformed. Hates living with Kou, as he tends to look up her skirt and touch her breasts, but later made friends with him. Once fell in love with Takamura Shouichirou, also known as Media Magician of the Gorma. Specializes in an Ancient form of Eagle Fist utilizing the power of wind. Her Mythical Qi Beast is Star-Houou.
* Age: 18 years old
* Dairen Rod: Bladed Monk's Cudgel
* Dai Weapon: Phoenix Spear (ヤリホウオウ, Yari Hōō)
* Special attacks: Straight Line Tornado (一文字竜巻, Ichimonji Tatsumaki), Big Wheel Blade Whirlwind Slash (大輪剣旋風斬り, Dairinken Senpū Kiri), Straight Line Press (一文字プレス, Ichimonji Puresu)
Tsuruhime (鶴姫, Tsuruhime) / NinjaWhite (ニンジャホワイト, Ninjahowaito)

Tsuruhime is 14 years old and the first female leader of a Sentai. The twenty-fourth protector of the Seal Door, Tsuruhime is a strong girl who is looking for her missing father, Hakumenrou. She has greater leadership skills than Sasuke. She once fought alongside two other girls, Yukiyo & Tsukiyo, as one of the 'Punishment Sisters'.

* Shinobi Knuckle: White Beak (ホワイトビーク, Howaito Bīku)
* Ninja Magic: "Henge", which usually involves Origami
* Special Attacks: Ninja Art, Falling Cherry Blossoms (忍法花吹雪, Ninpō Hanafubuki), Dance of the Paper Crane (折り鶴の舞, Oridzuru no Mai), Hidden Style Ku Character Slash (隠流・くの字斬り, Kakure Ryū Ku no Ji Kiri)
* She corresponds to Xuanzang in Journey to the West.
* She is named after a famous ninja in Japanese culture. Tsuruhime, the wife of legendary samurai Nakagawa Hidemasa and daughter of famous daimyo Oda Nobunaga, whose name means literally "crane princess".
U.A.O.H. Juri Nijou (UAOH 二条 樹里, Nijō Juri?) / OHYellow (オーイエロー, Ōierō?) Nijou uses martial arts researched in the United States but she also likes dancing and aerobics, which uses in battle with great results. She loves fashion.

    * Age: 22 Years Old
    * OHWeapon: Twin Baton (ツインバトン, Tsuin Baton), a pair of strong nunchaku.
    * Special attacks: Explosion: Chouriki Baton (炸裂・超力バトン, Sakuretsu Chōriki Baton), Lightspeed Splash Illusion (光速スプラッシュイリュージョン, Kōsoku Supurasshu Iryūjon)
U.A.O.H. Momo Maruo (UAOH 丸尾 桃, Maruo Momo) / OHPink (オーピンク, Ōpinku)

Uses Chinese boxing and Aikido. She loves the city and Baranoia used that against the Ohranger at times. Maruo is best friends with Nijou. Maruo is the most femenine of the female members.

    * Age: 20 Years Old
    * OHWeapon: Circle Defenser (サークルディフェンサー, Sākuru Difensā), power defensive shield and weapon.
    * Special attacks: Hurricane: Chouriki Defenser (疾風・超力ディフェンサー, Shippū Chōriki Difensā), Flashing Miracle Chi Kung Shot (閃光ミラクル気功弾, Senkō Mirakuru Kikōdan).

Natsumi Shinohara (志乃原 菜摘, Shinohara Natsumi) / Yellow Racer (イエローレーサー, Ierō Rēsā) A genius mechanic at Pegasus Garage, Natsumi is able to fix any machine in minutes. She uses a legendary wrench given to her by the owner of a garage she visited as a child, but later learns she can still fix anything without the wrench.

    * Age: 19 Years Old
    * Formula Weapon: Side Knuckles (サイドナックル, Saido Nakkuru)
    * Special attacks: Checker Chop (A flying chop similar to waving a checkered flag), Violent Dash Mechanic Dismantling (Yellow Racer runs around an enemy vehicle and dismantles it in seconds)
Youko Yagami (八神 洋子, Yagami Yōko) / Pink Racer (ピンクレーサー, Pinku Rēsā)

She is secretary at Pegasus Garage, calculating the expenses and payroll. Youko is very self-conscious about her weight because she loves to eat sweets, and frequently consults magazine fortune-telling articles to predict her future. She dreams of becoming an idol someday and marrying a rich husband, and has a terrible sense of direction.

* Age: 19 Years Old
* Formula Weapon: Bumper Bow (バンパーボゥ, Banpā Bō?)
* Special attacks: Wheel Spin Kick (ホイルスピンキック, Hoiru Supin Kikku) (Pink Racer rolls along the ground and delivers an upward kick from below the enemy), Wheel Spin Shield (ホイルスピンシールド, Hoiru Supin Shīrudo) (Pink Racer spins in mid-air, creating a shield that deflects enemy attacks), Pink Flying Attack (ピンクフライングアタック, Pinku Furaingu Atakku) (A jumping punch), Pink Giant Swing (ピンクジャイアントスウィング, Pinku Jaianto Suwingu) (Pink Racer grabs her enemy by the legs, swings him in a circle, and tosses him into something hard, like a rock face), Pink Bomb Punch (ピンク爆弾パンチ, Pinku Bakudan Panchi) (A powerful uppercut punch), Bi Blade Returning Wiper (バイブレードおかえしワイパー, Bai Burēdo Okaeshi Waipā) (Pink Racer spins her Bi Blade like a fan, which can deflect projectile attacks).

Chisato/Mega Yellow 
Chisato Jougasaki (城ケ崎 千里, Jōgasaki Chisato) / MegaYellow (メガイエロー, Megaierō)

Chisato dreams of becoming a professional photographer. She is kind and both a talented photographer and singer, and is attracted to Kouichirou. Forehead symbol is the Digital Camera, which can telescopically search for people and things, and can allow Chisato to see through walls.

    * Age: 18 Years Old
    * Mega Weapon: Mega Sling (メガスリング, Mega Suringu) / Sling Sniper (スリングスナイパー, Suringu Sunaipā)
    * Special Attacks: Digicam Search, Blade Arm (ブレードアーム, Burēdo Āmu)

Miku Imamura (今村 みく, Imamura Miku) / MegaPink (メガピンク, Megapinku)

Miku eats a lot, but she is very self-conscious about her weight. She dislikes schoolwork just as much as Kenta, and it is because of this that the two are very good friends, but she in truth is attracted to Shun. In one episode Miku was hit by an evolution beam and became "Super Mega Pink" (超メガピンク, Chou Mega Pinku) which made the colored squares on her costume turn gold, gained super strength, and could wield the other Megarangers' weapons. Forehead symbol is the Digital Cellular Phone, which can track and analyze sound waves.

    * Age: 18 Years Old
    * Mega Weapon: Mega Capture (メガキャプチャー, Mega Kyapuchā) / Capture Sniper (キャプチャースナイパー, Kyapuchā Sunaipā)
    * Special Attacks: Telephone Search
    * In Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, she lectured Sae Taiga (GaoWhite) on the Super Sentai franchise's many female warriors and their shared skill at changing their clothes in the blink of an eye, something that Sae had never done before.

Saya (サヤ, Saya) / GingaPink (ギンガピンク, Gingapinku)

Admiration for Hyuuga has given her courage to fight. She is always playing and competing with Hikaru. She loves climbing trees. Saya is a strong but introverted girl. Her element is flowers. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Saya can become Super Armor Shine GingaPink (超装光ギンガピンク, Chōsōkō Gingapinku).

* Age: 17 Years Old
* Willing Sword Kiba: Kiba Arrow (キバアロー, Kiba Arō)
* Earth Elemental Technique: Claws of Petals (花びらの爪, Hanabira no Tsume)
* Starbeast Sword Technique: Flower Heart (花一心, Hana Isshin)
Matsuri Tatsumi (巽 祭, Tatsumi Matsuri) / GoPink (ゴーピンク, Gōpinku)

She is the youngest and only daughter of the Tatsumi family. She belongs to the National Seaside Hospital. A kind hearted girl, she is a strong fighter who is very agile and quick. She does not take it kindly when others weaker than her are in trouble and her temper can be pretty deadly when the Saima Clan attack innocent people. At times, she is the one that brings order in the household when her brothers (and father) get out of line.

* Age: 20 years old
* Life Bird component: Tail Injector

Cadet Yuuri (ユウリ, Yūri) / TimePink (タイムピンク, Taimupinku)

A 21 year old Police officer from the 30th century. Since the police were aware of Don Dornero's plan, she posed as a TPD cadet to stop him. She has a grudge against Don Dolnero for sending an assassin who killed her family. She practically leads the Timerangers, since Tatsuya is inexperienced as TimeRed. She is initially cold towards Tatsuya, but eventually warms up to him. Yuuri works as a detective at Tomorrow Research. In the series finale, she confesses to Tatsuya that she loves him, but they could not be together due to the large gap in between their timelines, and thus she returned to her own time and found that due to the time change in the 30th century her family was still alive.

    * Vol Weapon: VolSniper (ボルスナイパー, Borusunaipā)
    * Attacks: Vector Harden, Vector End: Beat 6 (ベクターエンド・ビート6, Bekutā Endo Bīto Shikkusu)

Sae Taiga (大河 冴, Taiga Sae) / Belle Tiger GaoWhite (麗しの白虎ガオホワイト, Urawashi no Byakko Gaohowaito)

"The warrior chosen by GaoTiger, Belle Tiger~GaoWhite!"

She is a 17 year old martial arts student. She was chosen as a Gaoranger around the same time as Kai. She is incredibly level-headed. Her father runs a dojo in Kagoshima and taught her various combat techniques. Against his will, she moved to Tokyo and enrolled in a special martial arts institution to further improve her skills. She worries about the rest of the team, though she is sometimes belittled by them (except for Kakeru) since she is the only female on the team. She yearns for a prince that rides on a white horse and carries a bouquet of roses. Unlike most Super Sentai heroines, she had never changed her clothing in the blink of an eye until she met up with Miku Imamura/MegaPink. She is in charge of forming the left arm for the Gaorangers' mecha formations. After the final battle, she continued her martial arts training although she initially planned to travel across Japan with Tsukumaro/Shirogane.

    * Gao Weapon: Tiger Baton (タイガーバトン, Taigā Baton), A baton that is used by GaoWhite.
    * Special Attacks: Belle Crisis (ベルクライシス, Beru Kuraishisu), Byakko Cross Cut (白虎十文字斬り, Byakko Jūmonji Giri)
Nanami Nono (野乃 七海, Nono Nanami) / Water Ninja Hurricane Blue (水忍ハリケンブルー, Mizunin Harikenburū)

Anamim vision (野 乃 七 海, Anamim mono) / Ninja Hurricane Blue Water (水 忍 ハリケンブルー, Mizunin Harikenburū)

      "The dance of the water, jumping waves. Water Ninja, Hurricane Blue!" (水 が 舞い, 波 が 踊る. 水 忍 ハリケンブルー, "Mizu ga mai, me ga Odoru. Mizunin Harikenburū! ")

The only woman on the team, 18 years, she dreams of becoming a pop star. She has a half-crazed manager who for all her books, but when emergencies occur Anamim has taken off. Although beautiful, the others try to stay on her side as well since the incident where she befriended Furabijou who took advantage of it. Then it is stated that she has feelings for Ishuu, q strong feelings he feels for her
      * Hurricane Weapon: Megaphone Sonic the personal weapon of the Blue Tornado. It resembles a megaphone, and can fire based sound waves.
      * Chūninpuu: waterspout, Water, Transformation Hydroblast.
      * She appeared in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai Eiji when it came to his essay to enlist her help and then she later Asuka, Tetsu and Tsubasa come to his aid. She transferred her "Spirit" of power to power AkaRed DaiVoyager.

Ranru Itsuki (樹 らんる, Itsuki Ranru) / AbareYellow (アバレイエロー, Abareierō)

A technology mistress who owns a German BD-1 bicycle she nicknamed "Birdie." All she really wants is peace. She was formerly trained to be an idol, but Ranru hated it and left to work in the mechanical field. She is interested in anything mechanical, can create her own devices, and is a genius in mechanics. Ranru used to be afraid of nattō until she was forced to conquer it during a battle with a Trinoid. Ranru also carries a small camera with her and usually snaps photos of the enemy during mid-battle to come up with a strategy on how to defeat it. She sometimes has an itchy back and often wants others to scratch it for her. In the finale, Ranru goes to work at a racetrack. Her Burstosaur partner is Ptera.

    * Age: 20 Years Old
    * Dino Weapon: Ptera Daggers
    * Special Attacks: Ptera Spion Crash
Burstosaur Pteranodon (爆竜プテラノドン, Bakuryū Puteranodon): Nicknamed "Ptera" (プテラ, Putera), the fastest of the three Burstosaurs, she can reach speeds of Mach 1.2 and higher, with her wings, beak, and shockwaves effective on any enemy. A kind and sweet Burstosaur. In the finale, Ptera said to Ranru to find a nice boyfriend. Forms Abaren'oh's helmet and "gown", the last can be removed for the Ptera Cutter, a bladed boomerang used by AbarenOh. She ends her sentences with the word "Pura".
Marika Reimon (礼紋 茉莉花, Reimon Marika) / DekaYellow (デカイエロー, Dekaierō)

"Four! Fighting malicious intergalactic evil..." (Yottsu! Yokaranu uchuu no aku wo...)

Nickname, "Jasmine" (ジャスミン, Jasumin). A psychic (ESPer), as she can pick up sensory impressions of others through handling an object or visiting a location her target has touched or been to. Jasmine wears gloves to help control her powers when she doesn't need to use them.

She's a calm, collected individual, though in the past considered suicide by letting an Alienizer kill her because of the depression her inability to control her powers had caused. Was rescued and recruited by Doggy. Jasmine is also tight friends with Umeko, forming an unbeatable tag-team called "Twin Cam Angels". One of her known antics is nicknaming every Alienizer before a fight (she once named a Kaijuuki Jumble-kun, due to it being a composite mash-up of previous Kaijuuki destroyed by the Dekaranger), and has even nicknamed the Abarangers (Red Saw-kun, Blue Saw-kun, and Yellow Saw-kun) and the Magirangers (Fluttering Cape Hero-kun).

She used to ride in Machine Doberman with Ban during patrols, but in Magiranger VS Dekaranger, Tetsu now drives with her. In Magiranger VS Dekaranger, Jasmine broke the fourth wall twice while being held captive with MagiBlue, first saying to the audience that Tetsu dressing like a woman was not very surprising, since he did it twice before, and asking the audience if she should say Maji?, which translates into "For real?" Her number is 4.
* SPD Weapon: Yellow D-Shot
Koume Kodou (胡堂 小梅, Kodō Kōme) / DekaPink (デカピンク, Dekapinku)

"Five! …And with immediate speed, exterminate them!" (Itsutsu! ...ikki ni supeedo taiji!)

Nickname, "Umeko" (ウメコ, Umeko). Umeko rides the Machine Bull with Sen-chan and often is partnered up with him. She tends to be a ditz, but she has a good heart, and can often bring the team together under the most dire of circumstances with her perkiness. She spends every moment she can in a bubble bath with her three rubber ducks, whom she calls Umeyo, Umenosuke, and Umegoro.

While Doggy Kruger is the leader of Earth's DekaRangers, Umeko is the "field leader" (or so she claims in episodes 5, 17, and 31). She is a master of disguise (a trend throughout most Pink Rangers in Sentai). Kruger gave her responsibility for Murphy, who was originally undisciplined to the point she put him into an armbar. However, since then, she and Murphy became close, until Murphy was transferred to Fire Squad and reformatted to become Ban's Battlizer Mode.

Umeko had been dating a man named Hironobu, but was heartbroken when she heard him bragging to Sen-chan about fooling women. Although she was angry at Sen-chan for suspecting Hironobu to be a criminal, she later realizes that she has feelings for him. By Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, she and Sen are together, so to speak; however, Sen had forgotten about their date, and angered her. As a result, she put Sen in a headlock. Her number is 5.
* SPD Weapon: Pink D-Shot

Urara Ozu (小津 麗, Ozu Urara) / Blue Magician MagiBlue (青の魔法使い マジブルー, Ao no Mahōtsukai Majiburū)

"The Shaking Water Element! Blue Magician ~(Legend) MagiBlue!"

The second daughter, Urara is a Blue Mage, a sorceress with power over the Shaking Water Element. She has a gentle heart, often acting motherly, as shown in Episode 4 when she pushes Kai out of the way of a monsters attack and gets turned to stone herself. (Smoky considers her his mother figure). She's a passive sort, listening to the others and holding her tongue, hiding her own feelings of hurt and distress until they boil over and she explodes. Furthermore, a practical joke Kai played on her when they were children induced a fear of frogs, which she had to overcome to restore Hikaru to normalcy, she also freaked out when the Hades God Toad was chosen to carry out his Divine Punishment (she was both frightened and disgusted by him and his plan for his Divine Punishment for the surface world). Although she initially shows great anomosity towards Hikaru, she eventually fell for and married him in Stage 47. Her primary attack is "Blue Splash," which acts as either a high powered stream of water or a barrage of exploding geysers. As Blue Magician Legend MagiBlue (レジェンドマジブルー, Ao no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Majiburū), Urara's MagiBolt "Becomes a Water Tornado". In the end of the series, she stays in Magitopia with Hikaru with Magiel still adjusting to her living there.

* Age: 20 Years Old
* Magical Weapons: MagiStick Wand, Magical Holy Staff DialRod
* Special Attacks: Blue Splash, Boiling Water, Smoky Blue Shining Attack, MagiBolt, Fantastic Splash
* Special Ability: Fortune Telling and Prophecy. She can do this via a crystal ball, however she cannot read her own future.
* Spells: Gii Magika
Houka Ozu (小津 芳香, Ozu Hōka) / Pink Magician MagiPink (桃色の魔法使い マジピンク, Momoiro no Mahōtsukai Majipinku)

"The Blowing Wind Element! Pink Magician ~(Legend) MagiPink!"

The oldest daughter, Houka is a Pink Mage, a sorceress with power over the Blowing Wind Element. She is cheerful and flighty, stringing along several boyfriends, and her catchphrase is "Yahoo!". She has a narrow focus, though, and can be a troublemaker. However, she also sees everything in a positive light (except for the Infershia. Titan was the only exception), which can sometimes steer her into arguments with her older brother. She works as a fashion model when she feels like it. In Stage 5, Houka used a corkscrew kick variant of her primary attack. In the last episode, she thanked Nai and Mea for reviving both her father and Hikaru despite in the past that both of them treated her badly. She still stays with her mother and father at home. Her primary attack is "Pink Storm" where she transforms into an electric fan and blows away the bad guys. As Pink Magician Legend MagiPink (レジェンドマジピンク, Momoiro no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Majipinku), Houka's MagiBolt "Blows Piercing Wind".

* Age: 22 Years Old
* Magical Weapons: MagiStick Wand, MagiPunch, Magical Holy Staff DialRod
* Special Attacks: Pink Storm, MagiBolt
* Special Ability: Transformation Magic, turning herself into any form she can imagine - such as a VW Beetle, a soccer ball launcher, a stereo, a pepper shaker, and a fishing rod - occasionally serving as comic relief. She can also transform herself into other characters (although in these forms she has a large pink bow which gives her away), for example in Stage 5 she transformed herself into Vancuria to lure the Hades Beast Mimic into a trap since it was loyal to her, and in Stage 46 she transformed herself into Hades God Titan to lure Hades God Wyvern away while the real Titan could make his way to the Lake of Slumber without hindrance although once Wyvern caught up with her and Makito he could easily see the difference and attacked. In Stage 23 she briefly transformed into Chopin, wearing a pink tuxedo.
* Spells: Maagi Magiiro


Natsuki Mamiya (間宮 菜月, Mamiya Natsuki) / BoukenYellow (ボウケンイエロー, Bōken'ierō)

Strong Adventurer (強き冒険者, Tsuyoki Bōkensha)

Real name is Irina, Princess of Lemuria. Natsuki is completely attached to Masumi and met him long ago, when she was trapped under a rock in some ruins. The weight of that rock left her with amnesia. Natsuki is a rookie member of the Boukenger team. She is very naïve, which makes her seem like an air-head and a ditz. In fact, she freaked out when they first formed DaiBouken, as she and Masumi were still FNGs and had not finished their training yet. She often refers to herself in the third person. Apparently, she can see into the immediate future (her visions are in greyscale), as evidenced in Task 1 when she foresaw Souta being obliterated by a fake Heart of Gordom. Later, in Task 2, after a brief confrontation with a Jaryuu (which was interrupted by Souta and Sakura), Sakura scolded her, believing her to be part of the Negative Syndicate—in fact, Natsuki's feelings were hurt so badly that she briefly doubted her worthiness to the team and returned her Accellular to Masumi. It took the others to cheer her up and convince her to rejoin. Natsuki owns a bracelet that had stayed with her when Masumi found her. She believes that if someone recognizes it, they would be able to let her know who she really is. Because of the need to find out her true origin, Natsuki joined the Boukengers. However, in Task 14, she ceased to consider her past to be her top priority when Dark Shadow Tsukumogami Nendogami tried to falsify the past. She is the only Boukenger without a rival. In Task 24, she controlled DaiBouken and Ultimate Daibouken by herself. She calls Eiji "Ei-chan". She is also often found eating something.

In Task 33, Natsuki's past is finally revealed. Kazuko Karamonoya (from Tasks 9 and 10) told Natsuki that she did have a vague memory about the bracelet and showed her a statue of a woman wearing the bracelet and holding Zubaan in his sword mode. After seeing this statue, both Natsuki and Zubaan started acting strangely. Ryuuwon later revealed the truth about Natsuki and her sudden change: she is the last survivor of the Lemurian Civilization and her bracelet proves not only her origin but that she was an important member. One hundred-thousand years ago, her parents (played by Eri Tanaka [Chisato Jogasaki/MegaYellow] and Keisuke Tsuchiya [Kazu Tenjisei/KirinRanger]), knowing their civilization's nearing demise, left Natsuki in a Sleeping Capsule that would slow her growth speed to a rate of 1 year for every 5,000 years. Natsuki, thinking that she might finally find answers, is taken by Ryuuwon to where the capsule rests. They find not only that capsule, but the Precious known as "the Sun of Lemuria." When Natsuki touched the Precious, her entire appearance changed to that of a Lemurian and Rei brainwashed her into thinking that her parents' desire and her sacred duty was to activate the Sun of Lemuria and destroy humanity. Having also obtained control over Zubaan, Natsuki, the Questers and Masumi, who wanted to rescue her, disappear. When Masumi finally broke into the Jaryuu's base, he tried to bring Natsuki back from the trance Rei had put her in and after remembering who she was, a Boukenger, the trance ended and Natsuki returned to her previous appearance. After the entire event, she forgot everything that had happened up till the point after she touched the Sun of Lemuria. When she returns to the cave to return the Sun of Lemuria, her parents appear in a hologram to tell her that they wanted her to use the Sun to make the future better for mankind, and her real name, Lilina, is revealed. At the end of the series Natsuki becomes wielder of Zubaan, as well as finding out her treasure is the memories she forged with the Boukengers.

* "Mamiya" (間宮, "Mamiya") is from the surname of Japanese explorer Rinzo Mamiya (間宮 林蔵, Mamiya Rinzo), who traced that Sakhalin (Karafuto) was not a peninsula but an island. Incidentally, Rinzo had learned surveying techniques from Tadataka Inou, just as Masumi is a mentor of sorts to Natsuki.
* Natsuki's name in kanji "na" (菜, "na") and "tsuki" (月, "tsuki") mean "cole (blossoms)" and "moon", which are often yellow.
* Natsuki Mamiya/BoukenYellow's parents were actors from past Super Sentai series. Her father was played by Keisuke Tsuchiya who was Kazu/KirinRanger in Gosei Sentai Dairanger, while her mother was played by Eri Tanaka who was Chisato Jougasaki/MegaYellow in Denji Sentai Megaranger. The family is an obvious referance and homage to the Yellow Rangers in Super Sentai. 

Sakura Nishihori (西堀 さくら, Nishihori Sakura) / BoukenPink (ボウケンピンク, Bōkenpinku)

Deepsea Adventurer (深き冒険者, Fukaki Bōkensha)

The sub-instructional person on the team, she was a former Self-Defense Force official, and she was raised as an elite of combat, tending to be a bit bossy at times. She is also good at handling machines, shooting, and military arts. Sakura is often seen as the serious, level-headed person in the group and barely ever smiles. She soon gets along with Natsuki and starts trusting her more, contrary to the beginning of the series where she threatened Natsuki with a sword, believing her to be part of the Negative Syndicate. Sakura is very loyal to SGS and keeps her feelings for Satoru to herself. She and Souta frequently fight Shizuka of the Wind. In the movie, Sakura is also revealed to have a fear of bugs. In Task 26, it is revealed that she ran away from her parents and joined a special army school to find her destiny, and when she first met Satoru and he asked her to join the other Boukengers in the shooting gallery. She may seem very cold-headed and insensitive to a certain point but in Task 31, after Eiji was badly injured by Gai, Sakura's emotional self showed after being enraged by the cruelty and treachery of Gai. After the final battle with Gajah, Sakura stowed away on GoGo Voyager when Satoru left the Boukenger team to take on a new adventure in outer space with her new-found treasure: her smile. However, while on another planet, Sakura is possessed by Pachacamac, who uses her as both a host, to act through until he regains his power, and as a hostage to ensure Satoru aids him willingly. Once freed of the monster's control, Sakura aids her team and the Gekirangers in defeating Pachacamac. Since the series finale, Sakura calls Satoru by his real name, and not by "Chief".

* Bouken Arm (Bōken Āmu): Hydro Shooter (ハイドロシューター, Haidoro Shūtā): BoukenPink's tool (resembles Go Go Marine).
* Attacks: "Aqua Shoot," where she shoots high-powered water shots; "Shooter Hurricane," where she maximizes the power of the GoGo Marine's Parallel Engine and attacks her enemies with strengthened water pellets.
* "Nishihori" (西堀, "Nishihori") is from the surname of Japanese scientist and alpinist, Eizaburo Nishibori (西堀 栄三郎, Nishibori Eizaburo). He is known as the captain of the primary Japanese Antarctica wintering party.
* "Sakura" (桜, "Sakura") is Japanese for "cherry blossoms", which are pink.
Ran Uzaki (宇崎 ラン, Uzaki Ran) / GekiYellow (ゲキイエロー, GekiIerō)

"Diligence day by day, refining my heart. 'Honest Heart,' GekiYellow!" (日々是精進、心を磨く 「オネスト・ハート」 ゲキイエロー!, Hibi kore shōjin, kokoro o migaku. "Onesuto Hāto," GekiIerō!)

"'Extremely Honest Heart,' Super GekiYellow!" (「カゲキにオネスト・ハート」 スーパーゲキイエロー!, "Kageki ni Onesuto Hāto," Sūpā GekiIerō!)

She is an employee of SCRTC and a Fierce Beast Cheetah-Fist (激獣チーター拳, Gekijū Chītāken) artist, using a combination of speed and accuracy in her attacks. She was appointed by Sha-Fu as the Captain of the Gekirangers. Ran comes from a high-class family that owns a gym, recruited by Sha-Fu with her mother Reiko allowing Ran to join SCRTC until Ran was of age to undergo a marriage interview to ensure her future. At first, Ran wanted to resign from learning the Beast Arts because she didn't think she was good enough but Sha-Fu told her to think her actions through. She relies more in will than technique when fighting. Upright and cleanhanded, Ran will do things always the right way, being a fighter that gives "Heart" (心, Shin, also pronounced as Kokoro) the highest place. She excels in speed, but her reluctance to care for the small details make her "Technique" very poor. From learning Master Elehung Kam-Bo's Fierce Beast Elephant-Fist (激獣エレファント拳, Gekijū Erefantoken) meteor hammer techniques, Ran became more loose and happy in the process.

Ran competes with Michelle Peng in a skateboarding competition (tying at 100 points each) to improve her "Technique" to obtain Extreme Ki. This training allows her to become Super GekiYellow (スーパーゲキイエロー, Sūpā GekiIerō). As Super GekiYellow she uses the Fierce Beast Penguin-Fist (激獣ペンギン拳, Gekijū Penginken) style and is the "Extremely Honest Heart" (「過激にオネスト・ハート」, Kageki ni Onesuto Hāto). Soon after, Ran was titled as team captain of the Gekirangers.

During the final battle, Ran is infused with Kata's Confrontation Ki, and is then brought to an astral Confrontation Beast Hall to master the Confrontation Beast Hawk-Fist (臨獣ホーク拳, Rinjū Hōkuken) style to seal Long. Three months after Long's defeat, she is seen alongside Retsu teaching the Beast Fist to young kids at SCRTC.

* GekiHammer (ゲキハンマー, GekiHanmā): An elephant-themed meteor hammer-type weapon that Ran acquires once she masters Master Elehung's Fierce Beast Elephant-Fist (激獣エレファント拳, Gekijū Erefantoken) style. The distance the GekiHammer can reach is dependent upon the amount of Fierce Ki infused into it.

Saki Rōyama (楼山 早輝, Rōyama Saki) /Go-on Yellow (ゴーオンイエロー, Gōon Ierō)

"Smile Blooming!! Go-on Yellow" (スマイル満開!!ゴーオンイエロー, Sumairu Mankai!! Gōon Ierō)

Nicknamed the "Sweet Angel," was a concessions vendor who worked the stands of the Twin Ring Motegi racetrack. Cheerful and anxious, she smiles and remains upbeat even in times of crisis, and often exhorts her teammates to smile.

Her personal mantra is, "smile, smile," which she learned from a woodland spirit that she met when she was younger. While she and Hant are trapped in Junk World, she reveals that she dreams of opening a cake shop someday. Her Go-Phone has multiple charms on it, differentiating it from the boys' Go-Phones. She has an older sister named Sanae, a manipulative and devilish woman who often tormented her when they were younger and continues to make trouble for her in the present time. After the final battle, Saki goes to work at a cake shop.

* She can fight in any hard terrain, using the MantanGun's Rod Mode to execute perform the Go-on Spin (ゴーオンスピン, Gōon Supin)
* With the MantanGun in Gun Mode she can perform the Machinegun Shoot (マシンガンシュート, Mashingan Shūto)
* With the Racing Bullet (レーシングバレット, Rēshingu Baretto) she can perform the Bullet Crash (バレットクラッシュ, Baretto Kurasshu)
* In the G3 Princess idol group, she says, "The 3 G's are together today as a unit!! G3 Princess" (3つのGが集まって今日だけユニット!!G3プリンセス ,Mittsu no jī ga atsumatte kyō dake yunitto!! Jī Surī Purinsesu)
* As part of G3 Princess with Go-on Silver and Kegalesia, she performs Princess Cannonball (プリンセスキャノンボール ,Purinsesu Kyanonbōru), after performing G3 Triangle (G3トライアングル ,Jī Surī Toraianguru) which passes the ball made by them.
* In the Go-on Princess, they say, "With the maidens prayer, we come into this world of flowers to make it a world of justice!! We three are the Go-on Princess!" (乙女の祈りはいつの日もこの世に花が満ちるよに正義がこの世に満ちること!!三人そろってゴーオンプリンセス ,Otome no inori wa itsu no hi mo konoyo ni hana ga michiru yo ni seigi ga konoyo ni michiru koto!! San'nin sorotte Gōon Purinsesu)
Engine Bearrv (炎神ベアールV(ブイ), Enjin Beārubui)

"The Charming and spunky tough girl!! Engine Bearrv" (愛嬌と度胸のタフガール!!炎神ベアールV, Aikyō to dokyō no tafu gāru!! Enjin Beārubui)

She is Go-on Yellow's partner, a gutsy hybrid between a bear and an RV who speaks Kansai-ben and ends her sentences with "Vvvvv Vvvv!" (ブイブイ!, Bui Bui!) Her spunky pep is due to her not being a picky eater, eating even enemy aircraft in her Bearr Attack (ベアールアタック, Beāru Atakku). She forms Engine-Oh's lower body and V-Shield.
Miu Sutō (須塔 美羽, Sutō Miu) / Go-on Silver (ゴーオンシルバー, Gōon Shirubā)

"Sparkling World!! Go-on Silver" (キラキラ世界!!ゴーオンシルバー, Kirakira Sekai!! Gōon Shirubā)

Nicknamed the "Lovely Sensation," is Hiroto's younger sister, a "princess" sort of girl whose esper ability allow her to see things though the flowers she tends to. Her fighting style is aikido.

She idolizes and is severely dependent upon Hiroto, who she always addresses as "Ani" (a shortened form of "aniki," the Japanese honorific expression for "older brother"). Though she initially regarded Saki as a "little girl" who she had no time for, Miu eventually becomes good friends with her. Miu seems to have taken an interest in Sōsuke, though, at first, she is hesitant to acknowledge it. She later helps Saki and Renn in regaining their courage by telling them how they changed her and her brother for the better.

* With the Rocket Dagger, she can perform attacks such as "Freezing Dagger", "Shooting Dagger", and "Full Power Dagger."
Engine Jetras (炎神ジェットラス, Enjin Jettorasu)

He is Go-on Silver's partner, a steamlined black/silver hybrid of a tiger (トラ, tora) and a fighter jet with a calm personality and ends his sentences with "Geeeeeeeeeeen!" (ギーン!, Gīn!, an onomatopeia of a jet flying by at supersonic speeds). He arrived before Speedor and the others to the Human World when he was saved my Miu. Jetras has the utmost respect for Jum-bowhale. With his wings and amazing offensive abilities, he can fire the Jetras Torahawk (ジェットラストラホーク, Jettorasu Torahōku) cruise missile from his mouth. He can perform the Jetras Phantom (ジェットラスファントム, Jettorasu Fantomu), creating clones to confuse the enemy. He can combine with Engine-Oh and Toripter to form the left arm of Engine-Oh Jetripter. Also, he forms the left shoulder of Engine-Oh G9, with his rudder and elevators forming the helmet.
Mako Shiraishi (白石 茉子, Shiraishi Mako)/Shinken Pink (シンケンピンク, Shinken Pinku)
Mako Shiraishi formerly worked at a Kindergarten, she is extremely talented in calligraphy and she fights for her ideals. She already had her Origami, the turtle before being given her Shodo Phone by Takeru. Upon hearing Kotoha sacrificed to become Shinken Yellow in place of her ill sister, Mako gave Kotoha a big hug. She likes men she can 'fix,' which attracts her to Ryunosuke initially in Episode 4, but after he regains his confidence, she forgets about him. As Shinken Pink, she wields the wind as the Samurai of Sky. Raised to be a vassal as a little girl, she did not get to enjoy her own childhood. Chiaki and Kotoha both regard Mako as an older sister figure. Though a horrible cook, Mako tries her best in order to achieve her dreams of becoming a good wife. Mako is the kind of fighter to be suffering from a wound but tend to others' needs than her own. She sometimes has her doubts, that all that dreaming might be useless if they don't win. She sometimes wishes to be normal. After witnessing how Dayu went from human to Gedoshu in a dreamworld, she decides to give up on cooking and stay committed to being a Samurai. Hikoma makes her realize that if she doesn't have some flexibility, she is no better than a Gedoshu. She can borrow the Inromaru to become Super Shinken Pink, which she does first in Episode 29. Eventually, Mako is reunited with her parents and learns that her mother had become paralyzed from the waist down as a result of her tenure as the previous Shinken Pink. After the reunion with her mother, Mako gains a new found conviction to defeat the Gedoushu and a new found love for her mother. Due to her gentle nature, she can read other people well, especially Takeru, and gives her own opinion about what the situation, whatever it might be, is really about. After the final battle, Mako goes to Hawaii to live with her parents.
Kotoha Hanaori is a sweet and careful girl and the Samurai of Earth. She worked in a bamboo shop and is skilled in martial arts. She became assigned as Takeru's vassal when her older sister fell ill, she revealed this to the other vassals in Episode two. In one of their early battles, she threw her Land Slicer to slice through Nanashi but it headed towards Takeru and while he avoided it, he didn't avoid the attack of a foe. Kotoha blamed herself and got scolded at by Takeru. Kotoha has rather low self-esteem. She genuinely believes that she is stupid and, despite her teammates' affection for her, often feels that she is a bother to them. In Episode 6, she is able to survive the barbs of an Ayakashi who makes insults psychically harmful. He was able to look into the inner most insecurities, Green holds him down and she stuffs rocks in his mouth and destroys him after he calls her a 'fill-in for her sister.' She becomes so exhausted, Chiaki carries her home. She idolizes Mako and strives to become more like her. In Episode 20, her soul is taken from her by an Ayakashi and grows very sick on her birthday. The other Shinkenger work as hard as they can in order to save her in time. Kotoha is deeply respectful of Takeru and wants to help him in any way she can. After Takeru tells her that she should stand up for herself and feel free to question anything he says or does if she deems it necessary, she finds that she has feelings for him. In Episode 22, she pretends to be the fiancée of Genta's rich customer Matsumiya, because he has feelings for her because she doesn't care about his money. An Ayakashi possesses his clothing because of his feelings for Kotoha, Kotoha makes him believe she only cares about money in order for the feelings to fade away and the Ayakashi to get out of him. She is always game for everything, especially Chiaki's crazy plans, like in Episode 27. She can borrow the Inromaru to become Super Shinken Yellow, which she does in Episode 36. Kotoha often suggests that if Mitsuba never fell ill, the Shinkengers as a whole would probably be much stronger. However, a letter from Mitsuba raises her spirits. In the letter, her sister says she is no longer her replacement but now the true Shinken Yellow. After the final battle, she decides to go back home to her older sister.
Eri (エリ, Eri)/GoseiPink (ゴセイピンク, Gosei Pinku)

"The Skick Power of Breath! GoseiPink!" (息吹のスカイックパワー!ゴセイピンク, Ibuki no Sukaikku Pawā! Gosei Pinku)

A member of the Skick Tribe who is the most maternal of the group and optimistic about life. She excels in assessing situations, and is also a very bold fighter. As GoseiPink, she has the Skick Power of Breath (息吹のスカイックパワー, Ibuki no Sukaikku Pawā).
Moune (モネ, Mone)/GoseiYellow (ゴセイイエロー, Gosei Ierō)

"The Landick Power of Buds! GoseiYellow!" (芽萌のランディックパワー!ゴセイイエロー, Megumi no Randikku Pawā! Gosei Ierō)

Aguri's younger sister and youngest member of the group, and as such is very straightforward. As Gosei Yellow, she has the Landick Power of Sprout (芽萌のランディックパワー, Megumi no Randikku Pawā).
Luka Millfy (ルカ・ミルフィ, Ruka Mirufi)/GokaiYellow (ゴーカイイエロー, Gōkai Ierō)

Luka Millfy is a tomboyish girl who serves as the crew's lookout and can transform into GokaiYellow. She is the team's reconnaissance and infiltration expert, and is the best at finding treasures.
Essa sou eu Ahim/GokaiPink
Ahim de Famille (アイム・ド・ファミーユ, Aimu do Famīyu)/GokaiPink (ゴーカイピンク, Gōkai Pinku)

Ahim de Famille is a former princess from another planet who can transform into GokaiPink. As she is new to pirating, she usually comes off clumsy, and she will try to be kind to all around her.
                                    Lembrando : Eu e a Luka ( das heroinas ) podemos nos tranforamar em qualquer um do passado e claro em nós,
temos a chave para nos transformar em qualquer sentai.